September is Christian Education Month at Wayside. I came up up with a series of sermons that I intend and pray we’ll benefit for transformation, empowerment, embrace hope and practice prophetic voice.

Why Read the Bible? This is the first in our four-sermon series. I will use Joshua 1:8 as our main reference. Please take the time to look for it. This is one of the scriptural verses I have memorized when I was a freshman at a bible college and I can still remember it.

Why read the Bible? In addressing the issues of poverty, oppression, tyranny, hunger, human rights violations, war and other social issues, we need to read the Bible with the right use of lenses (Third Eye Theology by Choan Seng-Song, The Third Look at Jesus by Carlos Abesamis, Jeepney Theology by Revelation Velunta) and contextualization so that we know for sure we are rooted and grounded very strongly to do effective church and community ministries.

Why read the Bible? Thousands of lives are fleeing from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and other countries through passages in Greece that will land them to other countries in Europe. I saw an image of a five-year old boy who was drowned in the sea and his body washed to the shore, one of the many young lives dying with their loved ones fleeing from war and atrocities. Why not read the Bible as we cannot close our eyes in the reality of what is happening in the world.

I’m not preaching yet, but, of course I look forward to learning with you. Feel free to give me any insights, feedback and comments. Shalom.