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Whether you have been going to Church your whole life,or are new to Church… We welcome you to join us this Sunday!


Wayside United Methodist Church

C onnect people to God. A lign people in small groups. R ecognize gifts for ministry. E xtend helping hand to the world. S erve the community

CAREship: Healing in people.


• Mission Statement: To build a community of faith embracing a growing multi-cultural diversity where people are becoming deeply committed disciples of Jesus. • Our Vision: Vision is defined as the picture of the future. A proposed vision: Growth in church professing members, plant a new church in American Canyon and build a new worship center by the year 2017. • Our Plan:  We CARE: Connecting people to God through Radical Hospitality and Passionate Worship; Aligning people through small groups, in which small groups have freedom to design ministries that reach out to the community with love

The United Methodist Church

“Our hearts, our minds, our doors…are always open.” Hearts open with mercy and compassion for others. Minds open to acceptance, tolerance, and growth. Doors open that any and all might be welcome and embraced.

From The Pastors Desk

2nd Annual Kumi Benefit Walk/Ride 2017 in Celebration of Wayside UMC’s 60th Anniversary

2nd Annual Kumi Benefit Walk/Ride 2017 Kumi 3-4 Mile Walk Leader is Karen Hester Kumi Bike 20 Mile Leader is Andrea Cao Kumi Bike 35-40 Mile Ride Leader is Pastor Fel A Wayside fundraiser in partnership with Chinese Community United Methodist Church-Oakland Goal:...

Worship at American Canyon New Church Start Up

Church School and Worship Service – Every Saturday at 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. Wayside-American Canyon. Children, youth, young adults and adults are invited to come for a church school (Bible Study) then followed by worship at 3423 Broadway, Bldg. D-3, American Canyon. We...

All Saints Day: What Do I Possess?

What Do I Possess? This is the first of the Five-Sermon series I am excited to share with you for the month of November, which is Stewardship Month. November 1st is also All Saints Day. I would say, I learned how to live a life of faithful stewardship through my late...

Why Read the Bible?

September is Christian Education Month at Wayside. I came up up with a series of sermons that I intend and pray we'll benefit for transformation, empowerment, embrace hope and practice prophetic voice. Why Read the Bible? This is the first in our four-sermon series. I...

Come to the Table

Our sermon title for the last Sunday in August in our series of sermons on the theme, "Food and Justice" is "Come to the Table." How wide is your table of invitation? Who are the people invited to join you at the table? It would be very interesting to look at the...

I Got Your Back!

Ephesians 6:10-13 This Sunday, August 23rd, I am sharing the third message in the sermon series for the month of August, "Food and Life." The sermon title is, "I Got Your Back!" I invite you to look at the passage from the letter to the faith community in Ephesus and...