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Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

• Mission Statement: To build a community of faith embracing a growing multi-cultural diversity where people are becoming deeply committed disciples of Jesus.
• Our Vision: Vision is defined as the picture of the future. A proposed vision: Growth in church professing members, plant a new church in American Canyon and build a new worship center by the year 2017.
• Our Plan:  We CARE: Connecting people to God through Radical Hospitality and Passionate Worship; Aligning people through small groups, in which small groups have freedom to design ministries that reach out to the community with love; Recognize gifts for ministry to foster stewardship through Talents, Time and Treasure; Extend helping hands to the world in which we embrace what John Wesley left with us a very rich faith heritage that indeed, “The world is our parish.” Through the ministry and mission of CARE, we are making disciples of Jesus that will help transform the world.

                                    Wayside United Methodist Church

Wayside Cares 

C onnect people to God.
A lign people in small groups.
R ecognize gifts for ministry.
E xtend helping hand to the world.
S erve the community

CAREship: Healing in people.


History: Ground Breaking of 1959

groundbreaking 1959

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