What Do I Possess?
This is the first of the Five-Sermon series I am excited to share with you for the month of November, which is Stewardship Month. November 1st is also All Saints Day. I would say, I learned how to live a life of faithful stewardship through my late parents, Tatang and Inda. They lived a life of stewardship and left it a great legacy for us their children. Stewardship through the value of education and hard work and stewardship through sharing their resources with others. I witnessed in them the willingness to help others who were in desperate needs. They lived a life of unselfishness and true to the call of living a life in Jesus. They are my saints.
What do I possess? Love.

I also learned faithful stewardship through my late father in-law, the Rev. Generoso Ocampo. He is one of my saints. He was a United Methodist clergy and lived a life of a faithful steward as an overseer of local churches and a great administrator of clergy and churches. He was an advocate of justice, equality, peace and service. He lived a life of putting others first.
What do I possess? Service.

What do you possess in which others may carry with them even if your journey here on earth has ended? In the first place, not a single material thing you own of possess with go with you when you passed.

Think reflectively and prayerfully how you will live your life now as a living saint and as a resurrected saint in the lives of others as disciples of Jesus.